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Health certification & permits

Equitrans offers firsthand knowledge of international health requirements for the transport of horses and other animals to and from each country. All documentation relating to import and export is coordinated and completed by Equitrans to ensure horses travel across international borders with no difficulties.

Import: The regulations differ subject to the country the horses or animals are being imported from and the status they are imported on – temporary or permanent.

In addition there are transit requirements based on the countries transited en-route. Equitrans services include coordinating blood tests, vaccinations, preparation of ID documents and vets’ certificates. We will ensure that all transit documents and import permits are in order prior to export in addition to booking your post arrival quarantine. All horses/animals are meant to travel with a form of identification (passport, vaccination ID, microchip), health certification, import permit and transit permits.

Export: The export regulations again differ from country-to-country, with pre-export quarantine required for some exports depending on the country and the type of export - temporary or permanent.

Equitrans can advise you on the most suitable route and method for shipping your horse, in order to save you time and money, but without compromising your horse or animal’s safety.