Emirate Airlines has announced it will be temporarily lifting its ban on transporting snub-nosed pets this winter.
The airline noted that between 1st November 2023 an 1st April 2024, it will transport these animals if owners can adhere to the airline’s new list of requirements.

In a press release Emirates said, “we understand how important this change is to pet owners, and we are committed to ensuring the safety and the well-being of your beloved furry companions during their journeys.”

The document went on to note that the new developments were a result of the recent IPATA conference held in Dubai in September, noting that the decision has been met with ‘overwhelming support’ by industry experts.

According to Emirates, owners must ensure these key requirements are met, before being permitted to fly with a snub-nosed pet:

1. Fit to fly certificate: Customers are required to provide a Fit to Fly Certificate issued by their appointed Veterinarian. This will be in conjunction with the IPATA checklist for snub-nosed breeds.

2. IPATA fit to fly snub-nosed checklist: The attached completed snub-nosed checklist is mandatory per IPATA standards which will also be available on the IPATA website.

3. Minimum crate size: Pets must be transported in a crate that is at least twice the size of what is typically required for non-snub-nosed breeds, guaranteeing their comfort during the journey.

4. Single sector uplift: Snub-nosed pets will only be accepted for single sector uplift.

5. A380 aircraft: Snub-nosed pets will be limited exclusively to A380 aircraft.

6. Restricted departure times: No departures, from Dubai (DXB), are permitted between 09:00-18:00hrs.

7. Uplift Dates: Between 1 November 2023 and 1st April 2024.

8. Cats allowed: Cats are permitted to be transported on both daytime and night-time departures.

9. Age restriction: Age restrictions are as per the Emirates internal guidelines.

10. Snub-nose specific indemnity & waiver letter: Customers will be required to sign a snub-nose specific indemnity waiver letter.

If you would like more information on travelling with snub-nosed pets or any other domestic animals, please contact Mary at Equitrans Pets for details: +971 (0) 50 919 2108.

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