When it comes to world-wide horse transport, Equitrans consistently goes above and beyond our customers’ expectations. We understand there is always a safe, cost-effective and efficient equine transport solution for each one of our clients. 

The Equitrans network is extensive and includes experienced teams of horse, aviation and veterinary personnel who continue to forge new paths. Over the years, we have pioneered new routes and been instrumental in driving new quarantine protocols around the globe.

Equitrans ensures our clients’ best interests are always the top priority. We offer additional services for buying and selling horses which include; vetting, payment of horses and transfer of ownership options.

Our knowledge, capacity and experience in the equine industry allows us to manage horse purchase settlements via our extensive worldwide network.

The Equitrans buying agent services (available at an additional and pre-arranged fee) give our clients the confidence and security to work with new sellers, regardless of where they might be located.