Pet & Animal Relocation

Equitrans has been the trusted name in horse, pet and animal relocation for over 20-years. In that time, we have shipped everything from horses, dogs and cats to American bison, mules and ostriches and so many more…

At Equitrans we understand that shipping a much-loved pet is stressful and that’s why we’re by your side, each step of the way. From veterinary interventions, checks and vaccinations to detailed planning. From shipping logistics to destination requirements and delivery- Equitrans has you and your pet covered.

Our dedicated team of professional staff, partners and agents means we can successfully and safely move any animal to any destination around the globe. Whether you plan to ship your much-loved family pet or an entire animal troupe, we offer a seamless, comfortable and cost-effective service.

With over two decades of industry experience, Equitrans knows and understands the complex and ever-changing import and export requirements involved in shipping animals. Our team is continually up to date on changes and developments across the globe- so you don’t need to be.

The Equitrans pet shipping solutions are crafted to suit every pet-owner, pet and budget. Choose from our full-VIP option through to our pocket-friendly economy class travel. 

Pet Relocation

With over 20-years in the pet-relocation business, Equitrans Pets understands that pets are FAMILY. Over the years we have moved over 50,000 pets and animals safely, economically and with the very best in animal care to over 100 countries worldwide.
Equitrans Pets takes the stress out of pet-travel. We take care of your pet’s needs, from pre-flight veterinary requirements, paperwork and documentation to the flight and post flight procedures.
Our fully equipped Pet Taxi ensures your pet moves comfortably through the pre-flight process.
Our in-house team works around the clock to ensure documentation is completed and the ever-changing destination country requirements are up to date and continually met.
Outside the UAE, our network of trusted partners are ready to assist your pet in travelling seamlessly through to destination.

Exotic and Large Animal Transportation

During our two decades of business, Equitrans truly has shipped ‘all creatures great and small.’

In this time, we have received some unusual, certainly challenging and always interesting, shipping requests and we have always risen to the challenge to complete each of these safely and successfully.

Exotic animal shipments have been completed for government entities, conservation agencies, zoos and breeding programs, private owners and display teams. These shipments have varied in size from specific animals and breeding pairs to extensive multi-species movements requiring specialised care, quarantine arrangements and endangered animal procedures.

These shipments have included American bison, Longhorn cattle, lions, cheetahs, camels, zebras, zorces, miniature donkeys, rabbits and pelicans.

In each instance our team has moved animals both great and small, successfully and without incident, always looking ahead towards the next interesting challenge.

The Equitrans’ Pet Taxi

Our fully licensed Equitrans Pets’ Pet-Taxi is air-conditioned and secure for all types of pet carriers.  The Equitrans Pet ‘chauffeurs’ are in-house trained in animal-care and have an incredible 16-plus-years of pet travel know-how between them.
The Pet-Taxi service covers all seven Emirates, is available at a regular three-hour notice period and allows for accompanied and unaccompanied trips. We are proud members of the IATA-LAR, IPATA and ATA global animal transport associations. Membership of these organisations ensures we can offer very best in animal care, that staff are trained in current transportation best-practice and we have access to up to date world-wide information on any developments and/or changes in the animal transport sector.