Horse Transport and Shipping

The Equitrans personalised international horse transport service facilitates a seamless journey from stable to stable. Our knowledgeable team is with you and your horse for each step of the journey, from your initial consultation to your horse’s arrival at the destination stable with our Equitrans travelling grooms accompanying your horse throughout the process.  

Equitrans specialises in large consignments, VIP charters and both large and small consignments of competition horses. Whether you plan to ship a Thoroughbred or an Arabian, a Shetland or a Shire, intend to move across continents or simply to another stable within the UAE, the core of the Equitrans service remains centred on exceptional horse-care, quality communication and personalised service.

Equitrans is the trusted international horse transport partner for many international shows and events covering all equestrian disciplines from flat racing, endurance, equestrian sports and shows to polo.

International Horse Flights

Equitrans has been the region’s trusted partner in international horse flights for over 20-years.
In that time we have coordinated movements of all shapes and sizes, from the relocation of individual personal horses to large scale consignments from 300 horses at a time, for both international competitions and global equestrian shows.  We are also the shipping company of choice for smaller shipments of international showjumpers, pleasure horses and those headed for retirement.

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Over the past two decades, Equitrans has shipped horses, both to and from- every corner of the globe. Our personalised care oversees each horse’s journey, from stable to stable. 

From our dedicated in-house shipping coordinators to our experienced flying grooms, we are with your horse each step of the journey, with a firm focus always on safety, horse-care and communication.

Mares in foal, stallions and colts require specialised transportation arrangements and it is therefore essential that clients communicate all information at the time of booking.  


Equitrans makes international horse transportation simple. Our experienced in-house team oversees the initial flight consultation, health and veterinary requirements of quarantine, blood testing, vaccinations, documentation processing, airline booking and customs clearances. At the same time the team organises and plans any destination country quarantine requirements. On the day of departure, Equitrans coordinates in-country horse transportation to the airport and the complete hand-over of horses to our flying grooms. 

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Around the globe, customs, quarantine and vaccination requirements vary and are subject to change depending on the country of departure and destination. The Equitrans experience and extensive global network means we’re always working with up-to-date and current information, and we remain responsive to change as and when it occurs. 

Mares in foal, stallions and colts require specialised transportation arrangements and it is therefore essential that clients communicate all information at the time of booking.  

During the flight

Horses travelling with Equitrans are attended to by our experienced and knowledgeable Equitrans flying grooms, many of which have over 25-years’ experience and originate from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe and The United States of America.
The Equitrans flying grooms are with your horse through each step of travel. The grooms prepare and bed the stalls down check the jet stall and ensure the horses are secured, safe and ready for travel.

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Once pre-flight checks and preparation are complete, the horses are unloaded from the truck and walked  into the jet-stall. The stall is is then towed and loaded onto the aircraft and the horses are settled in preparation for take-off. 

Our flying grooms then remain with the horses throughout the flight, offering water, ensuring all hay-nets are full and monitoring your horse.

If a flight is multi-sector, all pre-custom clearances both in and out of the country during the initial booking process will have been secured in advance by the Equitrans team, allowing the grooms to focus on the horses and remain with them at all times.

Throughout the journey, our grooms maintain constant communication with our in-house team. 

Once at destination the jet stall is carefully unload and the horse is moved to a stable to await the vet and custom inspections. Each horse flight has an Equitrans representative at destination to facilitate customs and documentation clearance. Throughout the process, our flight grooms remain with the horse to ensure hay and water is sufficient and to monitor the horse. 

Post-Flight Services

After landing an Equitrans representative will meet the flight and oversee the post flight services.
If there are any arrival quarantine requirements, your Equitrans booking rep will have notified you during the booking. Should the horse require this service it will proceed to an approved quarantine facility, usually located near the airport. Quarantine facilities are overseen by approved government veterinary professionals determined by the country of arrival.
If the horses does not require quarantine, it will then continue the onward journey to destination.

Road Transport

Equitrans operates a fleet of EU specification horse trucks for regional horse transport. Our vehicles offer top specifications including air-conditioning, extensive equipment storage, spacious stalls, and each is staffed with our experienced driver and grooms.
Outside of the United Arab Emirates, the Equitrans network of trusted partners extends around the globe. Across land and sea, and including transit stabling and equine rest stops, the Equitrans network has been built and maintained over nearly two decades of extensive equine travel and remains rooted firmly in safety, communication and exceptional service.

To book road transport to and from anywhere in the UAE, please call Mohammed on: +971 (0) 50 940 3383.

The Equitrans GCC Road Transport service

With almost 20-years in worldwide and regional horse transportation, Equitrans remains entirely committed to offering our clients choice- in both quality transport options and price points.

The newly launched Equitrans GCC-wide road transport service offers a seamless service linking the Region’s biggest equine events and sporting hubs, with a highly cost-effective yet premium horse transportation solution.

To book road transport to and from anywhere in the GCC region, please call Mohammed on: +971 (0) 50 940 3383.

The Equitrans GCC Road Service

Whether clients choose to move their horses by road or flight, the Equitrans commitment to customer care remains the same.

Our road customers still receive a dedicated operations consultant throughout the transportation process, can still expect the same commitment to quality communication and can feel safe in the knowledge that their horses are being cared for by Equitrans’s own experienced and trained professionals.

The Equitrans Trucks

By combining high-quality vehicles, the finest horse care and the considerable savings afforded by road travel, Equitrans has effectively changed how horses transit through the region for competitions, breeding and sales.

The fully inspected Equitrans trucks have EU specifications throughout, internal CCTV and fully air-conditioning. Each vehicle is driven by one of our trusted equine specialist drivers, with both years of regional driving experience and extensive and on-going in-house training.

The Region’s Biggest Events

As our region continues to attract the globe’s biggest names in equestrian sport with ever more glittering world-class events, the need for a premium horse focused travel service with an affordable price tag- has never been more needed.

Let Equitrans take the headache out of planning movements between the region’s events. Whether it’s flat-racing, Arabian showing or showjumping, the Equitrans service offers complete transport peace-of-mind- leaving you to focus on the competition ahead.

Charter Services

Equitrans is the world’s trusted partner in tailor-made horse transport solutions.
For those planning a journey out of the ordinary, the Equitrans tailor-made charter services offer specialised horse shipping to anywhere in the world. Whether it is large movements of horses, a bespoke VIP flight or shipping horses to and from, challenging and/or remote destinations, the Equitrans team has the experience and capacity to find the best solution for horse charters and manage the movement both safely and cost-effectively.


At Equitrans we understand the concept of marginal gains and know just how important every detail in pre-race preparation is to you and your horse.  Our fully customisable charter and part charter services allow our clients to choose their shipping flights and times, providing seats for grooms and veterinarians that need to accompany their horses to keep them racing fit. When required Equitrans assists with, unique quarantine solutions allowing horses to compete, train or show whilst in quarantine.

VIP Movements

When clients require a shipping company with extensive experience, an impressive international network of trusted partners and of course, complete discretion, they choose Equitrans. For nearly two-decades, Equitrans has been the go-to equine shipping company of choice for some of the biggest names in the Middle East, Europe and USA’s equine industry. Our VIP service allows a tailor-made itinerary to suit your requirements, meaning personal horse shipments arrive where and when our clients demand.

Large Movements

For almost two decades, Equitrans has been the horse shipping partner of choice for many of the world’s biggest equestrian events, shows and displays.

Equitrans makes the impossible- possible, with our bespoke and one-stop-shop solutions, from charter flights and large consignment road transport, to tailor-made vet and quarantine solutions; we make it happen.

Tough Destinations

When horses need moving to and from some of the world’s toughest destinations, Equitrans makes it happen. With almost two decades of experience and technical capacity to operate to the most remote destinations or assist with brokering new health protocols between countries, Equitrans has been extremely successful pioneering the way for horses to be transported to.  We source and operate the right aircraft and equipment for tough destinations with your dedicated equine manager.. 

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Equitrans specialises in creating the most suitable solution and aircraft for your requirement from a VIP Charter for two horses to get to a race on a specified date to several charter flights that can move 150 to 300 horses at one given time for a competition or show.

Transportation of Embryos, Blood and Semen

Equitrans is the Middle East’s trusted partner in high-value equine embryos, semen and blood shipping services. 

With over a decade of experience in the import/export of equine fluids, the Equitrans team understands the time limitations, protocol, documentation and care required in transporting the world’s most prized equine fluid for artificial insemination and blood testing.

Equitrans consistently ensures that equine semen straws are packed, stored and kept at correct temperatures with no delays to delivery on each and every batch.