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Customs formalities

As there are significant differences in customs formalities from country-to-country for both imports and exports, we always recommend that you contact Equitrans for specific information.

We can save you money by ensuring that the right documents for import and export are completed based on the animals and equipment being declared correctly as permanent, temporary or personal belongings.

Our online systems have up-to-date international customs requirements for each country and our global network of partners are capable of providing specialised guidance.

Depending upon the destination and circumstances of each shipment there are also VAT (UK & Europe) and/or GST (Australia, New Zealand & Canada) implications to consider.

Please contact us for customs, VAT, GST that is subject to the route and type of import chosen. We have the expertise to advise you on all international routes.

Owners may have the option of returning their horses as personal belongings without VAT and Import duty where applicable.