Over the past two months the Middle East’s leading animal transporter, Equitrans Logistics has shipped a veritable ‘menagerie’ of both exotic and domestic animals- around the globe.

From four exotic zebras to some traditional dairy cows, from incredibly cute miniature Fallabella ‘horses’ to the region’s endurance champions, it’s been a busy and diverse couple of months for the Dubai based company.

“Last month we oversaw a VIP shipment of four zebras from Europe,” says David Robson, managing director and co-founder of Equitrans. “The shipment went really smoothly, which is exactly what we want when moving animals which are both exotic and non-domesticated.”

Somewhat less exotic for Europe, but still highly unusual for the Middle East, the company shipped five Jersey cow heifers and one bull from Europe to their new VIP owner in the Gulf.

The core of the Equitrans business is, and always has been- equine, and the past two months have seen over 350 horses shipped. These include: Thoroughbreds from the USA, Polo ponies from around the world to the UK, endurance horses from France, and showjumpers and dressage horses to Germany and the Netherlands.   

The more unusual equine shipments this month were surely the six tiny spotted Fallabellas and a magnificent Spanish PRE stallion all flying in from the Netherlands.

Although Equitrans is known as the Middle East’s equine and exotic shipper of choice for over 20 years now, a more recent focus has been growing the cat, dog and bird relocation market.

David Robson says, “the Equitrans team really stands out in this sector, thanks to their professionalism and extensive experience, put simply, they can make the impossible; possible… Take for example the recent shipment of two snub nosed bulldogs, a breed which is banned for import/export in the hotter months. Yet, our experienced in-house team, working in unison with our extensive network, managed to obtain the necessary approvals from the airline and Ministry, and the dogs were relocated successfully.”

During Equitrans’ 20-year history, the company has shipped an impressively diverse menagerie of animals, including: American bison, long horn cattle, zorces, (zebra crossed with horses) ostriches, and African grey parrots.

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