There will be eight Windsor Grey horses centre stage today, as they pull the Gold State Coach in King Charles III’s spectacular Coronation Procession.

The carriage, built in 1762 weighs an incredible four tones and therefore requires Windsor Greys: Icon, Shadow, Milford Haven, Echo, Tyrone, Meg, Newark and Knightsbridge just to get it moving.

Windsor Greys are not actually a specific breed of horse, in fact it is the name given to the grey horses selected for their temperament and appearance to pull the carriages of the British Royal family. They are stabled at the Royal Mews and are thoroughly saddle trained before they begin their lives as carriage horses.

The team at Equitrans would like to wish the very best of luck to all horses, riders and grooms involved in today’s Royal procession. We understand the hundreds upon hundreds of hours of hard work which has gone into every equestrian detail of today, from the horse training to tack cleaning, hoof preparation to carriage care… And, we just can’t wait to see it all!

Equitrans is incredibly proud to have been transport support for seven editions of the Royal Windsor Horse Shows under the oversight of HH Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh. We look forward to new and equally successful editions ahead, under the guidance of King Charles III and new show President Prince Edward.

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