For over 20 years Equitrans has been crafting specialised and tailor-made horse and animal charter solutions.

Whether it is for large consignments for international events and display teams, or discrete transport options for our VIP clients, the Equitrans team has the experience to ensure we provide the perfect bespoke charter solution for each client’s specific needs.

Over the years we have provided private aircraft to make sure top-class racehorses arrive with minimal stress and performance ready. We have ensured the family horses and pets of our VVIP clients arrive via a seamless service and with complete discretion accompanied by the staff and crew they need.

We have guaranteed the world’s most famous cavalry groups have arrived at their destinations with their many tones of artillery, carriages and musical instruments.

When the Spanish Riding School shipped their world-famous Lipizzaner stallions to the UAE for a series of performances, it was Equitrans who was chosen to coordinate the movement from Europe to UAE with temporary quarantine services while on the ground.

When the going gets tough; the tough call Equitrans! Over the years, the Equitrans team has overseen and coordinated the chartering of numerous specialised aircraft, allowing horses to be shipped into and out of, some of the world’s most remote destinations.

If you would like more information on our tailor-made charter solutions, please call Sune on: +971 (0) 50 877 1154.

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