Last weekend saw Uruguayan riders Federico Ferber and Andres Rivero take victory on UAE based horses at the 120km endurance race in Ul Ula, Saudi Arabia. Overall, the first four placed horses are all currently based in the UAE, while three of them were transported to the event by the new Equitrans Road Transport Service.

The new Equitrans GCC Regional Road Transport Service saw its first decisive victory this past week, as the first, second and fourth horses placed in the FEI 2* 120km Fursan Cup endurance race were all transported by road from Al Ain to Ul Ula with Equitrans.

Co-founder and managing director of Equitrans, David Robson says, “given that road transport means considerably more transit time for horses, I think many people assume the payoff is some form of reduction in performance, yet the success of these three impressive horses in Saudi really highlights that with Equitrans care and oversight, horses can still be expected to arrive and perform at their very best.”

And, what a decisive win the UAE horses had, crossing the finish line together with over 30 minutes between them and the next rider. The winner was Federico Ferber riding HC Yaisa, with Andres Rivero riding SM Fabricio in second place. French rider Margot Chazel riding Chaitana Des Chaises (also based in the UAE) came in third place, with Narayan Singh Durgar Singh for India riding Abubilla 6655 (also Al Ain Endurance Stables) in fourth place.

The three Uruguayan bred horses, HC Yaisa, SM Fabricio and Abubilla 6655 are all stabled and trained at Al Ain Endurance Stables in the UAE, and all three travelled to the event with the Equitrans Road Transport Service.

“From pick up to arrival at the event, the Equitrans team is there each step of the way ensuring meaningful rest stops are strictly adhered to, ad-lib quality forage is available and the horses are constant monitored via CCTV… we really keep horse welfare and comfort at the heart of everything we do,” says David. “And, the incredible success of these three horses, shows they did indeed arrive fresh and ready to give their all.”

The third edition of the 2* Fursan Cup saw a significant route change from the previous editions. Overall the 2022 event was a much more global event. Overseen by the FEI, with a technical team flown in from Pisa and a veterinary team for random lower leg hypersensitivity testing.

The event attracted 206 competitors many from the GCC region, plus approximately 40 horses flown in from Europe.

Riders interviewed after the event noted the course through the unique rock formations within the 52 hectare UNESCO World Heritage Site in Ul Ula, resembled ‘old-school’ endurance riding with a technical course including demanding inclines and declines, rocky terrain and deep sand.

The first 37.7km loop was dominated by regional riders. Bahraini riders Othman Al-Awadhi on Nefertiti de KA and Raed Mahmood on Azaria D’Ardic led the pack, with Saudi riders Abdullah Alomairah on Gazal Al-Qaseah and Hasan Bamani on Shaikh, plus Federico Ferber riding HC Yaisa and Andres Rivero riding SM Fabricio.

The 31.6km second loop was trickier with riders noting the deep sand with undulating terrain made it significantly tougher for horses. Raed Mahmood on Azaria D’Ardic and Hasan Bamani on Shaikh, were both eliminated at the vet gate leaving four riders in the leading pack already over 20 minutes ahead of the rest of the competition. Bahrain’s Othman Al-Awadhi on Nefertiti de KA, Federico Ferber riding HC Yaisa, Uruguayans; Andres Rivero riding SM Fabricio and Saudi’s Abdullah Alomairah on Gazal Al-Qaseah.

Nefertiti De KA suffered a severe injury and pulled up mid-loop, leaving only the Uruguayans and Abdullah to complete. However, Saudi’s hopes were dashed when Gazal Al Qusaiah failed to pass the vetting at gate three, leaving only the Uruguayans to complete the final 22.7km loop in a comfortable and companiable canter.

The Fursan Cup remains the world’s richest endurance race with a purse of over four-million dollars. With prize money going to riders between first and 100 places.

The Equitrans GCC Road Transport service

With almost 20-years in worldwide and regional horse transportation, Equitrans remains entirely committed to offering our clients choice- in both quality transport options and price points.

The newly launched Equitrans GCC Road Transport Service offers a seamless service linking the Region’s biggest equine events and sporting hubs, with a highly cost-effective yet premium horse transportation solution.

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