Equitrans has been the region’s specialist in international horse transportation and horse flights for almost 20 years. In that time, we have become the Middle East’s market leader in quality horse welfare and care across our horse shipping, horse transport and international horse flights.

Equitrans is the region’s specialist in large consignment international horse flights, as well as individual horse flights to all corners of the globe. Equitrans has shipped horses for every conceivable discipline from show-jumpers and endurance horses to embryo transfer recipient mares and priceless Arabian studs.

Our clients understand the care and expertise we bring to international horse shipping and horse flights. Our flying grooms all have over ten years’ equine flight experience, (many in fact, have 20-plus years’ experience), and it shows. Our international horse flight service places horse care and welfare at the core of everything we do. From pre-departure vet checks, through the transport process and on to the destination stable, our service ensures your horse has the best possible equine transport experience from start to finish.

The Horse Flight Process:

Pre-Flight: From the initial consultation, the Equitrans team oversees all pre-departure requirements, this includes: health and veterinary requirements of quarantine, blood testing, vaccinations, documentation processing, airline booking and customs clearances. At the same time the team organises and plans any destination country quarantine requirements.

On the day of departure, Equitrans coordinates in-country horse truck transport to the airport and the hand-over of horses to our flying grooms. 

During the Equine Flight: During the flight, the Equitrans flying grooms are with your horse throughout each step of their journey. Before horses load, the grooms ensure everything is ready before loading.

The flying grooms then remain with the horses throughout the flight, offering water, ensuring all hay-nets are full and monitoring each horse.

Post-Flight Services: Once at destination the equine jet stall is carefully unload and the horse is moved to a stable to await the vet and custom inspections. Each horse flight has an Equitrans representative at destination to facilitate a seamless customs and documentation clearance.

Should the horse require quarantine it will proceed to an approved quarantine facility, usually located near the airport. If the horses does not require quarantine, it will then continue the onward journey to destination.

Horse Charter Flights: Over the years, Equitrans has become synonymous with high quality and safe horse charter flights. We are known in the equine industry as the team to safely get horses into remote and/or challenging locations, yet consistently ensure equine welfare and care is always paramount.

The iconic Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Endurance Cup Ul Ula, is one of the region’s annual endurance racing highlights. However, Ul Ula, the remote location in the Saudi desert, requires specialised equipment and aircraft to get horses into and out of, the small airport. Since the event started, various teams and individual competitors of the Ul Ula Endurance Race have chosen Equitrans as their strategic transport partner.

VIP Equine Charters

The Equitrans VIP horse charter service offers clients our extensive experience, an impressive international network of trusted partners and complete discretion.

Our VIP horse charter service offers a bespoke itinerary to suit each clients’ needs, allowing horse shipments arrive where and when each client demands.

If you would like more information on our international horse transport options and flights, please call: +971 4 321 1157.

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