While our customers most likely know the client facing team such as; David, Victoria, Leo, Stroud and Aida extremely well, Equitrans also has committed employees who support the business, yet are rarely front and centre. While most people might not meet them, we know their roles are fundamental in maintaining important parts of the business.

Commercial manager, Arun Kumar is one such team member. For over 14 years he’s worked in the background, ensuring the financial side of Equitrans, runs like a well-oiled machine.

Arun began his career with large qualified accounting and audit firms back in India, before moving over to multi national shipping companies such as Transworld Shipping Group and ECU Worldwide.

He moved to Dubai 18-years ago and joined Equitrans in 2008, in the finance department. Over time he was promoted to finance manager before moving onto the role he holds today, that of commercial manager. Arun has a good eye for numbers and holds the important role of managing costs and improving pricing for our customers. He is committed and dedicated to what he likes most, numbers and transport. He makes the two come together to provide Equitrans customers with timely and competitive pricing.

Managing Director, David Robson says, “Arun has been with me for almost fourteen years and has been part of the business as it grew, contributing his multifunctional skills to find the most cost effective solutions and understand the business as we diversified. He is enterprising, committed and dedicated. Our customers like working with him as he understands the Equitrans motto – ‘safe delivery on time, with personalised service.’

With his background in transport and freight forwarding Arun very quickly learnt the requirements for moving live animals. He understands the costs can increase very quickly should things go wrong and knows that keeping costs low yet always maintaining the high Equitrans safety standards, is something we never compromise on.”

Although Arun does not have any pets currently, he enjoys the many opportunities Equitrans offers to be with animals. “If we have any dogs in particular coming via the Equitrans office, I love making a fuss of them and spending some time with them,” he says. “I really love horses too, and take every opportunity to visit equestrian events. Not only do I get to spend time with these incredible animals, but these opportunities allow me to meet our customers, learning more about them and their horses, which in turn helps me develop the personalised relationships Equitrans prides itself in.”

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